Sunday, 31 July 2022

1st Infantry Division - The Big Red One, Operation Husky, Sicily 1943

I took some time off this afternoon to add in the helmet insignia and shoulder patch of the 1st Infantry Division. I also could not resist sprucing up the the water cooled .30 cal Browning MG with a sheet of thinly rolled out Miliput to increase the girth of the barrel sleeve. I also hollowed out the gun cradle with a chisel and a surgical blade. The bolts are 0.25 solder balls flatten against the back of a scalpel blade and attached with AK matt varnish. 

Despite some of the inadequacies compared to some of today's plastic figures in the market, this build was for me another nostalgic indulgence to growing up, watching war movies and building models in the 1980's. Therefore it is of no surprise as to why I eventually choose to represent "The Big Red One" in this piece. 



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