Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Kua Si Mi????!!!!!!

I've finally made the delivery of the three 1/6 figure commissions for the Army Museum of Singapore and here's the preview of the final figure. Look dam "Garang" sia. Would had wanted to place a pair of goggles on his helmet if I had more time but maybe that will have to wait till next week after the top brass are done reviewing the rest of the displays.
Anyway in retrospective, these three figures were completed within the three month timeline and I've really learned a lot working about working with this Super Sculpey Firm. It's really a fantastic material and it seems that I will swearing by it from now.

As things wind down this week, I will try to embark on my first 1/35 sculpt with Super Sculpey. I managed to get a 1/32 head out yesterday afternoon and will try make a posting of it soon.




Norman Lim said...

Kua kua kua....wah lau eh...must steal to make mould, sure sell.

Oi, when got time to pang sai, email me.


james pople said...

Mr.Tan i hope i am not being too rude posting on your blog as you do not know me. My name is James Pople and i live in the UK. I'm 13 years old and a huge fan of your work.Your osprey book is my main modelling reference for both painting and sculpting( well my feeble attempts ). I have completed 2 stock figures using your painting tecnique ( alpine's russian tank commander and the late war waffen-SS tank commander, both of which so masterfully painted by you for the box arts )and i hope to try my hand at sculpting soon.Again, i hope this was not too rude of me.
James =]

Dani Serrano said...

Awesome stuff, my friend!!

Glad to see your work again.

Un abrazo!

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi James,

thanks for your kind words, you're more than welcome to post your comments here. I'm glad that you're taking a keen interest to this hobby in your young age; a very encouraging sign for this hobby of ours. I do hope you'll be able to post some of your handiwork in some of the figure forums for more feedback.



CALVIN TAN said...

Hola Dani,
muchos gracias por sus complimentarios. Mi gusto es ultimo trabajo de Helo Miniaturas.


james pople said...

Thank you for your reply Mr.Tan. I am a member of timelines and planetfigure and will try to take some photos sorted out as soon as possible, when i can take decent photos.The SAF figures were incredible. It's good to hear things aren't so hectic for you now though, i could never work to a deadline. Here's a picture of my workbench
anything you would change to be more user friendly?? Feel free to e-mail me at