Friday, 26 October 2007

Oberscharführer, LSSAH ,Kharkov 1943


Just when I was about to slap some paint onto the SS Deutschland figure, another a new assignment from Taesung Harmms arrived in the mail. This time I'm to render his latest masterpiece; a pair of LSSAH figures from the 1943 battle of Kharkov which I understand is due for this Christmas season. As you can see, Christmas came early for me presumably from the painting of the "Burberry-esq"scarf. Again, I opted to paint the binoculars in sand yellow as an analogous compliment, whereas the mittens in "reed green" serves as a complimentary to the predominantly dark red scarf. The cuff titles are from Archer transfers and were relatively easy to apply. By instead of rubbing them on, carefully peal them off from their plastic film carriers and position them with a brush and some water. When in place, set them with a gentle dab of thinner along the corners of the transfer.
What you see now is at most 70% completed with the unseen back in a complete mess. I'll probably fix that later tonight and hopefully get move on the second figure on Sunday before I head off for my annual holiday with the Wife.



Oliver Giersch said...

I really like that scarf, how did you paint it?

Btw, I've found a German manufacturer that offers SS collar tabs etc.
I think I'll give 'em a try, since Archer decals are not available in Germany due to our stupid laws.
But they are quite cheap, so I hope they don't have too bad quality.
[url=""]Here[/url] they are.

Oliver Giersch said...

Damn, linking didn't work:
The name is "Waffen SS Uniformabzeichen Nordland div.".

Dani Serrano said...

Beeeeutiful figure!

SteelFab said...

Will this site for
Peddinghaus help?