Friday, 19 October 2007

SS Deutschland, France 1940


Almost finally done with the sculpting. The Tragegestell 39 was really a pain to construct but I'm glad it's almost over. (Almost as there are still a pair of horizontal straps missing on the vertical sides of the frame). Looking forward to the painting this weekend.



Oliver Giersch said...

Looks cool. I'm eager to see it painted.

BTW, I have been in two big hardware shops in Berlin and surroundings, but none of them had epoxy putty. But I have found some online shops, which have polymer clays ("Fimo"), but I'm not conviced to buy it, especially because of the need to bake it. What happens e.g., when I put a modified plastic figure into the oven (or use a heat gun)?

Dani Serrano said...

Can't wait to see it painted, buddy!!

Marko Kevo said...

Calvin beautiful work as always. Just wondering what is a Tragegestell 39?

CALVIN TAN said...

yup, plastic gonna get toast in the toaster; hence the need for resin accessories instead of the plastic ones.

mi espero tambien!

the Tragegestell 39 is a harness that's issued to the operators of the light 5cm light mortar. A good illustration of it could be found in Ron Volstad's Concord title Blitzkrieg.


james pople said...

Superb work as always Mr.Tan. That Tragegestell 39 webbing must have been a pain. Simply can't wait to see it painted, haven't seen much painted from you lately.
James =]

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Tan!
I was wondering what that big pouch-like thing is that the dude is wearing on the front og his belt. Looks a bit like a buttstock for a pistol but since it has hinges I'm sure it's something completely different.
Also, nice figure, as always.
Richard K. (Germany)