Thursday, 4 October 2007

Well Done Malaysia!

Taking a short break from the 1/35 sculpts, I met up with Malaysian modeller Allan Yong and proprietor of Miniature Allaince Paul Quek. (a certain armor modeller whose name I shall not mention was also due to join but had to "let go the aeroplane" at the last minute due to a domestic situation) Anyway, a little more than a week ago, Paul had submitted four of Allan's works for the Euro Militaire contest which bagged a whopping tally of four silver medals! Well done Allan!

So whilst he was in town today to pick up his works(and medals of course) from Paul, I thought that I will just go "kay-poh" a bit...

Allan together with his medal and prize-winning entries. 

Close-up of Allan's winning entry "Captured". That's probably the best painted 1/35 chicken I've ever seen !




Fusilier said...

Hi Calvin,

I've seen some of Allan's work on websites and they are absolutely brilliant. Well ddeserved I'm sure.

Did you enter anything this year? If you did would love to see you post some pics.

BTW - where do you get the Fimo and the Kato? ArtFriend?

Also, any plans to move beyond WWII stuff? Napoleanics or medievals? Would be great to see how you apply your techniques in those areas especially on metal figures. Know what else would be great? Seeing some WWI stuff from you :-) Then I can pick up some new ideas lah!

Thanks for sharing your work.


YongA01 said...

Hi Calvin,Thanks for posting the pictures...A bit lucky in this year's Euro and certainly an encouragement for the hard work put in. Thanks again for all the tips you and Paul had been sharing to improve my work.. only with critiques one work can improve further. See you next time. Allan

Matt said...

Excellent work very inspirational! Well deserved awards too!


CALVIN TAN said...


nope I'm afraid that my works were not in contest at this year's Euro. I;m not sure where you could get the Kato or Fimo in Singapore as the ones that I'm using not are samples. You could get the Super Sculpey Firm from The M Workshop if you're eager to try out polymer clays.

Moving beyond WW2 stuff?..Yup maybe some local subjects but that will have to wait till I've cleared my commission works.


CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Allan, looking forward to meeting up with you again the next time you're in town!