Sunday, 16 December 2007

SS Deutschland, France 1940 - Finally Done

Finally added the finishing touches to this figure and photographed it against a scenic backdrop.

Took a trip down to the M Workshop this afternoon to snap some pictures of KG Lim's (aka Chef Lim) latest masterpiece; Tiger E, 502 PzAbt,Russia 1943, inspired by a 1/16 build from the Osprey Modelling title Modelling the Tiger I.

It's a Tamiya base kit enhanced with some minor detailing (no over the top excessive super detailing here) with a hand rendered green camouflage pattern in Vallejo acrylics. Hope that you will enjoy the pictures as much I had taking them.




Dani Serrano said...

Absolutamente fantastico amigo!!

CALVIN TAN said...

Gracias por los ánimos amigo!!

Anonymous said...

Its looking great. Can you describe what colour and technique was used to paint face ? It looks very real.

Anonymous said...