Monday, 3 December 2007

More Adventures in 1/35 Scale Garderning

Spent the last weekend tidying up the sloppy paintwork on the figure as well as rearranging the botanical arrangement of the groundwork. Spent the whole Sunday afternoon individually attaching the Fimo Deko Gel leaves to recreate the low lying shrubs. My only comfort is that I don't have to do this under the blazing sun. I'm pretty satisfied with the results for now and should be back working on the figure this week. Maybe someday I'll use this tedious method to recreate a section of the Normany bocage!



Dani Serrano said...

It might be tedious but the final result is worth the pain!! :D

CALVIN TAN said...

You have to try it to appreciate the pain my friend :P

james pople said...

hey Mr.Tan, great work as always, it's cool to see an early war figure too. Those leaves must have been painful to do. By the way i'm doing a school project on Singaporean food and i was wondering whether you could recommend a good dessert ( preferably with chocolate! )?
Keep up the superb work!

CALVIN TAN said...

James, great to know about your keen interest in doing a food project on Singaporean food. I have to admit that I'm not an big expert when it comes to hunting down good food. This is why I usually consult my "oracle" which Dr Leslie Tay's food blog. It's well designed and comprehensively organized, making it very friendly to navigate. Pehpaps this link from his blog will be of great use to you:

Good luck with your school project.


Unknown said...

Hi Calvin, magnify work of painting, the groundwork has been sensational.
I see you soon ,Jose Luis

PD.I like your "Valencia Avatar"