Tuesday, 1 July 2008

All Packed and Ready for WE 2008...

A quick update before I head off from home to the airport. All my displays are securely attached with Blue-Tac and here's a quick picture of the "transporter" (which in fact is an inverted Tupperware box). I still have another 5 more displays over at Jaume's home so hopefully he will have the hands to carry them over to Girona on my behalf.

There will be four us in our party, Bernard Cher, Paul Quek and myself representing Singapore and Allan Yong from Malaysia. Our journey will first take us to Madrid, Girona and Barceleona and hopefully we could provide some updates to our trip if opportunity allows.

And here's a parting photo of us at Changi International Airport before checking-in.

From left to right: Allan, Paul, myself and Bernard.




Julian Yap said...

Guys, have a good one over there! About the RS, talk to you when you get back.

Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! Looking forward to your updates from the show if possible.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a collection!!

Really happy that you are able to make the trip - its hardly a 'world expo' without your figures ;-)

Can't wait to see reports from the trip!!


MarC! said...

Booyah, all th best! Pics!

- Marc

Anonymous said...

Boa festa.