Tuesday, 9 September 2008

T-34/76 (1/48 scale) by John Tham

This month the spotlight will shift to Singaporean armor modeller John Tham whose works have been making waves in both local and international waters. One such particular is his superb rendition of Tamiya's 1/48 scale T-34/76 enhanced with updates from Hauler. This gem of his won John's first ever international award at the World Expo 2008 in Girona last July and it's with great pleasure that I'm privileged to showcase some pictures of it here.


Work in progress shot revealing John's neat and delicate construction.


John with his well deserved Silver medal from the World Expo-Girona, 2008.



Richard Knorrek said...

Kudos to John, that T-34 looks amazing! I like the rathers harsh accentuation of the edges. It makes the tank look more like a drawn picture coming to life than a model. You see this kind of style mainly with asian modellers. I wish i could paint my 1/35 tanks like that TT_TT

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Richard,

I'm very certain that made John very pleased with your encouraging words. You've made a very interesting observation with the harsh accentuation of the details especially on a much smaller scale model. I'm not too sure though if this style is common amongst Asian modellers as I seem to regard it leaning more towards the Spanish and Belgian school.



Anonymous said...

Dear John

Wow, it's so beautiful!!
Con gratulation for your Silver medal. :)

Krisztián Bódi

Richard Knorrek said...

Hi Calvin!
It could very well be that this style is in the ways of the Spanish or Belgian school, but sadly I haven't seen too many AFVs built by Spaniards or Belgians. If you could point out some good places to look, I'd be very thankful!