Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Alpine Miniatures - KG Peiper, Ardennes 1944

More progress and refinements made to the figure this evening.

Gonna hit the sack now zzzzz.....



Andreas said...

wow you're working very fast! excellent work.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


Great Paintjob Calvin, like always!
Regards from Portugal

Rudi Richardson said...

As always amazing stuff, Calvin.

Are you painting these using the same or similar techniques as per your book?

Keep up the awesome work!


Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin,
Superb work my friend. Another piece of art comming from your hands. Looking forward to see the complete vignette finished.



Anonymous said...

Piece of art is the best description! Simply love the way you paint faces. Strange because using subtle paint tones you create great visible contrast. What can I say... WOW!
As for the italian cammo I would rather use brighter tones.
Anyway excellent work!!!

Kinjiru said...

Fantastic Work! I'm amazed with your skills.

Just ordered your book and I can't wait to see it! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Calvin,
amazing work as always!
May I ask how you blend in the camo?
I got your book, but it´s not definitely clear for me.
Every time I paint camo, I mist some Tamiya Buff over it to blend it in, but the effect is absolutely not as nice as yours...
Like I said, another great job!
Any chance to see your work some time in Germany?
All the best

CALVIN TAN said...

Thank you all for your most encouraging words and constructive feedback.
The methods are essentially the same as those described in my book. The only major time saving measure I recently employed from the beginning of this year was the use of an air-brush to block in my base colours.



Rudi Richardson said...

Hi Calvin,

Thanks for the reply. Using an A/B to block in 1/35 scale camo? Now THAT's impressive!!

Rudi :-)