Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Before I head off to the airport this evening to attend NOVEM 2008, a scale figure show organized by Young Miniatures in Korea, here are some pictures of a recent collaboration I did with K G Lim (aka Chef Lim to those who know him at the M Workshop).
The Panzer III was the credit of Chef Lim 's deft handiwork. I'm unable to describe further about the build as my involvement was solely a spur of the moment impetus to paint the tank commander from Doug Originals.
So moving on to the figure instead, I must comment that the fittings are very well engineered, needing very minimal clean-up with nubs assisting the alignment of critical parts such as the waist and the upper torso. The figure came together just within minutes after it was opened. Anatomy is spot on and details are crisp; but what I enjoyed from this short painting exercise was painting the drapery. It's very well defined, not too excessive or subtle yet not overly stylized; making it very friendly for beginners to approach. I'm definitely looking forward for my next spur to paint another from Doug's Originals.


Hopefully the next time I will be writing from Korea featuring some exciting coverage on NOVEM 2008 and the modelling scene there.



kyoung-Jae.Lee said...

welcome to korea.
i shall meet you in Novem.

Sergiusz Pęczek said...

Hello Calvin!
How could I view a high resolution enlargements on your site? When I click on the photos I just see "Forbidden access to this server".
Best regards!
Sergiusz "Sergionex" Peczek/Poland

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Sergiusz,

just refresh the page again after the 403 error message appears. I know it's a little troublesome but it's either this or you'll have to be a friend on Webshots to download the pics