Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Young Miniatures - SS-Schütze, LSSAH, Ardennes 1944

You can say that I'm really "Busted" for this month of September as I side-track once again from the SS-Brigadeführer sculpt to finish painting another bust from Young Miniatures.
I suppose the main source of joy in painting a bust is that it truly allows one to focus their attention on what I deem as perhaps the "most interesting" aspect of the human figure, i.e. the head and shoulders. It seems that anything beyond this region is mostly regarded as a chore; which also fundamentally explains why there are so many half painted full figures residing in our cabinets as well.

Selamat Hari Raya,



Richard Knorrek said...

Really nice, Calvin!

Superb painting! Well, that's what we're used to from you now ;)
I realy like the scratches on the canteen!

Radek Pituch said...

Hi Calvin

I've been admiring your works for quite a while, and this one's no exception. Beautiful paintjob as always. I like the tones you used on the face.
Regards from Poland


Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin

Very nice work mate your flesh and uniform work is ourstanding.


Dani Serrano said...

Trully awesome, my friend ;)

Andreas said...

wow he looks like he is in 1/1 scale!
the camouflage patterns are so realistic.
The photos on my blog are working at my screen...hmmm strange.Maybe I can send them to you at msn.



Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin
I was recomened this site by a friend dam were have I been love the Dot 44 uniform

阿蘇 said...

Amazing!!!!! Very Nice!!!