Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Kampfgruppe Peiper, LSSAH, Ardennes 1944

Just thought I'll share some promotional materials I created from the photos of the completed the vignette. I wish I could have earlier thought of posing them either beside or on top of a SS-Pz, Abt 501 King Tiger in ambush scheme. Imagine what an awesome scene that would be.(don't ring my hand-phone please Dinesh)

Irregardless, I'm really pleased of how the painting on the second Peiper head with the side-cap came out; which in my opinion bears a better resemblance. I might probably consider just to paint another to accommodate it....

In the meantime, do enjoy the pictures and I have a good feeling that most modellers will be using this pair to go with their Battle of the Bulge SdKfz 251/250's and King Tigers/Panthers projects.




Anonymous said...

I must say I wouldn't even recognize the first one as Peiper, but that may be due to the visor's shadow. The second one's recognizability is great indeed.

Curt-EYE said...

Very nice painting, again you show how you are a master at this craft. I hope to try your technigue on the leather very soon.

Curtis T.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful paintings!
I can't wait to get those figures!
It is so easy to recognise the figure as Peiper. Great!

By the way, can I make a link from my blog to yours?


Chas Young said...

Calvin, thankyou for your comment on my project 'They Were No Heroes'. It is an honour to receive such compliments, for I'm a great admirer of your modelling skills.

I will almost certainly be in Singapore someday as it is my favourite area of WW2 military history. I'm studying to become a historian, so we might be able to catch up someday once I'm 'in the field'.

Take care,

CALVIN TAN said...

Thank you all once again for your kind support.

Sion, no problem it will be my greatest pleasure to have you link your blog to mine.
Curtis, drop me mail to be friends on Webshots so that you could DL the hi-res pics.
Chas, very comforting to know that there are still young people such as yourself so passionate about history and modelling. I do hope to host you if ever you get to visit Singapore on assignment.



Kinjiru said...

I'm speechless with your works...I finally have your book! Can't wait to start reading it!! :D

And now I've found your blog...you're doomed =P

Rudi Richardson said...

Hi Calvin,

Another terrific piece from you.

Can't wait to try the leather technique.

Rudi :-)

Braxen said...


the work is outstanding and gives me great motivation to improve my own painting. Would you care to share the colors you have used for Peiper's smock?
Is that oak leaf? I don't seem to recognize it.

many thanks for the inspiration