Wednesday, 19 May 2010

More intermittent painting this week


More definition to the palm pattern on the front left shoulder and sleeve.



Andreas said...

more great work!

Underpainting seems to be quite common but I am not the guy who can save a paint mix for long time.

I saw a technique I tried to apply to figure painting but it did not work as well as I expected it to. It was black and white underpainting and then a semi transparent flesh oil paint layer.Afterwards more shading and toning followed.

well,I thought I should dedicate sth to you as you taught me most of the things I know and I was really influenced by you;)


Anonymous said...

heey calvin
nice painting job !!! :)

niels huijnen

Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin,

Great work as usual. This is a tough camo.

Also, don't know if you've seen this but check out this tribute to you :

It must be from the same Andreas on this thread.


Andreas said...

he has seen already;)
thanks basil!