Sunday, 2 May 2010

SS-Obersturmführer, Das Reich, Russia 1941


Over the past fortnight, I laid some garnishing touches to the groundwork with some shrubs before sealing everything with a mist of grey primer.

I proceeded to undercoat the figure with a dark maroon base before assigning the respective base colors. The sculpt of the smock was kept minimally clean so as not to pose to much conflict as I paint the elaborate Palm Tree with Clumps Pattern. I've only managed so far on the rendering of the face during the past week and hopefully I can squeeze in more bench time in the coming weeks.



Dani Serrano said...

It's always great to see you in action, my friend!

Best regards.

Unknown said...

Can you explain the maroon undercoat please. Is this another new technique you are trying?

Anonymous said...

Hello Calvin!

Im Gonzalo from Spain and I have your Modelling Waffen SS figures book. I want to know which epoxi do you use in the book. It looks much better that the milliput (red box) that i use. Could an epoxi like Andrea sculp, milliput superfine or any other fine epoxi, be able to make clothes, like in the book?

Thanks Calvin

CALVIN TAN said...


this is not a new technique but rather a dated approach adopted by the old painting masters such as Titan for using a dark undercoat for painting. There are no specific colors for this operation. My preference in this case of using a maroon color is such that I wanted an overall warm perspective of the final.

Hola Gonzalo,

muchos gracias compra mi libro.

The putty I use for the book is like a softer version of the A+B putty. You can also use the Miliput Superfine but you need to wait about 30mins for it to firm up a little before rolling it out with baby powder.


Unknown said...


Thanks for the answer, I'm looking forward to seeing this finished. I find just looking at your painting steps has helped me as a figure painter.

If you ever decide to publish a book on how to paint figures, I'm in!