Thursday, 13 May 2010

The "Palm-Tree" pattern Smock


Snail-paced progress on the "Palm Tree" pattern smock for the past week. Despite my fourth outing with this intricate pattern, I'm nonetheless attempting a refreshed approach by employing primary and secondary colors to concoct my palette; which in tandem to the summer theme, be eventually dominated by saturated warm colors.
Bearing the hallmarks of my "Impressionist phase", notice that the shadows for the smock are rendered with varying warm tones of violet instead of cold shades of dark brown. I'm also in the process of purging pure black from my palette as well; opting for alternative dark colors such as Deep Purple and Maroon.

That's all for now til the weekend arrives.



Karl said...

Your "new" approach to painting is absolutely fascinating - it reminds me of the works of the late Rick Scollins, whose illustrations I have always adored. I'm following this one closely. Thanx

Andreas said...

nice work!

I dont know whether youve seen Raul Garcia Latorres approach on atmosphere painting but this could be interesting for you;)

I took my time and translated it via Babelfish(translation program) well, more or less successful because the only thing I understood was that he mixes the color he undercoats with,into every following paint mix in order to creat the atmosphere.

In case of cold atmosphere he uses dark blue, in case of warm atmosphere brown.

Joel said...

Good sir I dont know if you Know but during the war there was two diffrent patterns of Palm-Tree print .Here is a link to a good site with good photos of Originals

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Andreas,

I've just check your site this evening. I'm most honored by your most unexpected tribute :)

I've seen Raul's approach from a while back and I do have to say that he too was inspired by the great painter Titian for the use of Underpainting