Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Establishing a Color Sketch

With the local tones well established for the torso, the painting of the head commences. Notice the convenience in the use of magnetic interfaces for the painting of the sub-assemblies.

The flesh parts are painted with a dark ground mixed from Raw Sienna, Burgundy, Naples Yellow and a small touch of Hookers Green.


A preliminary placement of highlights is established with a light mist of flesh - mixed from Naples Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Burgundy and again a touch of Hookers Green.

Deciding to airbrush the flying cap as a time conservation measure, I saturated the face with the paint retarder so that any oversprays could either be removed with a dry brush or manipulated into the shadow areas.

Taking advantage of the damp surface of the retarder, the alla prima technique was utilized to concurrently build up the local color and establish general highlights and shadows.


The outcome from this particular painting session reveals the loose handling of paint, soft contrast and muted hues. Though indeed more refinements will be needed, this quick process solely serves as a color sketch for me to glimpse into the future direction of the painting.



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