Friday, 10 February 2012

Refinements Done to the Face

Here are more refinements rendered to the face. I don't think I need to explain this part as it's done more or less the same as described in a previous article I had created HERE. On a side note, the eye brows do need a tad more work but in all everything else seems satisfactory for now.  I have always favored working in an intermittent fashion -  moving from area to area of the project and revisiting the previous work with a renewed perspective - to maintain a the sense of momentum or more aptly in what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes as the "FLOW".

The flying cap was painted alla prima with a local color mixed from Burgundy, Hookers Green, Cadmium Orange and Black. Subsequently, highlighting tones were achieved by incorporating varying quantities of  Raw Sienna and Naples Yellow.

The head is attached back onto the bust to assess that compatibility of colors, tones and contrast -the result of which led to a glaze of Light Yellow for the kapok life vest and some preliminary highlights to the sleeves of the flight suit to match up with the chroma of the rendered face.

Stay tune for the next post where I will elaborate further into the alla prima technique when I render the sleeves of the flight suit.




Jim Johnston said...

Stunning work as always. Your truly artistic approach is more fascinating with every project. Despite our different mediums I learn a lot from watching your progress on every project. ~Jim

Calvin Tan said...

Hi Jim,

thanks for the encouraging words and generous support. I'm aspiring to close the difference in the workflow procedures for both acrylics and oils with the use of the retarder mediums. The great aspect of Jo Sonja is that they possess very much the same body as oil paints - which allows me to handle them very much like oils. You'll catch a glimpse of the procedure in the next posting of this project.