Monday, 20 February 2012

Young Miniatures - Unterfeldwebel, Kampfgeschwader 54, 1940

Moving on to the rest of the bust, the backing for the parachute bag is undercoated with Gunze Sanyo Lacquer-based silver paint.

It is painted with a color mixture of Hookers Green, Cadmium Orange and Carbon Black and set aside to dry.

A solution of water and retarder is applied and the chafe effects were created by scratching the paint off with a toothpick.

The seams on the sleeves are highlighted with Naples Yellow and deep shadows outlined with a mixture of Hookers Green, Cadmium Orange, Storm Blue and Black. The shoulder patch was undercoated with a mix of Raw Sienna, Earth Brown and Naples Yellow. Storm Blue was added to the mix, providing the colors for shadow.

The gull wings on the shoulder patch are undercoated with a mixture consisting of Naples Yellow, Storm Blue and Titanium White.

The high points of the gull wings are highlighted with Titanium White, completing the painting of the shoulder patch.

The Sfumato technique was employed to mediate the stark boundaries between intermediate colors. The diffused effect is achieved by evenly "scrubbing" on a very small amount paint across the surface producing a soft and faint impression of the color. This is relatively easier to accomplish with oils with its slow drying and thicker paint body.
With acrylics, the drying is prolonged with the addition of the paint retarder. The retarder also coagulates the paint as it dries, giving it the thick buttery paint body ideal for this purpose. 

The surface is prepared with a retarder and water solution.


Next, a small amount of intermediate shadow color is brushed on and worked around in a scrubbing motion, producing a cloud like effect.

 The same procedure follows towards the application of the highlights. 

The parachute harness was painted with a mix of Raw Sienna, Naples Yellow, Hookers Green and Titanium White. Subtle tonal variations are created with light washes of Earth Brown and Storm Blue. 




6q said...

Cada vegada pintes millor felicitats!!

Steinworks said...

I learn so much from watching you work, thank you for sharing your techniques