Thursday, 13 September 2007

Here we go again......

...another 1/35 WW2 German figure for a collector friend of mine which I promised from a long while back. As usual, Hornet head (cut slightly above the brows to accommodate the Stahlhelm) upon an epoxy putty armature. The only difference is that I'm using the Super Sculpey Firm for the first time to model in such a scale. The clay has not set as I've yet to bake them which also means that the rough spots could be smoothen out at my own leisure pace. Calvin


james pople said...

WOW Mr.Tan!!!!, this one is going to look great I'm sure.Nice to see you back on 1/35 WW2 figures, I'm looking forward to that Fallschrimjager vignette too. I've started sculpting my self but having trouble with folds, any tips?
sorry for talking for so long.
James =]

Unknown said...

Hi Calvin,I am a FAN of your work,I put a link in my blog the same of you,many thanks.
I wait see you in Torrent to eat black rice another time.Regards Jose Luis

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi James,

thanks for your ecstatic response. Great to know that you're doing a little sculpting yourself. Let me see if I can put something together next week to answer your question.



CALVIN TAN said...

Hola Jose,

Fue el negro arroz es riquisimo! Tambien, me alego mucho de lo conocido.

Un Abrazzo,


james pople said...

Thank you Mr.Tan, you're very kind. I've read your book and looked at your sbs's, but i still have trouble, if at all possible could you do a video?? hope that's not too much to ask.
James =]

Gary Dombrowski said...

Calvin, Great to see another masterpiece in the making. If you should bake your sculpey piece with resin parts attached be very careful. You may want to even try suspending your piece into a pan of very hot or even boiling water. you may have to do this for more sessions than with putting it in the oven but it might also be the safer course. Is this piece going to be cast or one off? If a one off it probably is not going to be as strong as a piece made from putty. This is probably the major downside to Sculpey, especially in such a small scale. The almost unlimited working time sure is nice though huh?~Gary

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Gary,

thanks for the tip. Fortunately, I do not encounter any problems whilst baking the sculpey with a heat gun. It's really a God's sent as it speeds up the curing to mere seconds. You'll also be supprisd to know that the longer you bake the sculpey, the harder it gets, especially when it gets charred to a maroon brown.

And yes the unlimited working time is really great. You have no idea how much time and material I've saved from carving!


Dani Serrano said...

Mi amigo!! Como estas??

I see you are finally back to 1/35 and I'm very happy. This one looks really great, can't wait to see the progress as you are one of the ones that inspire me!

Un abrazo,


JClifford said...

Calvin, get that Kraut to pull his trousers up and quit looking like a prison whore!

Great work, it is nice to be able to comment and say well done! A plus for blogs and email!