Thursday, 27 September 2007

Alte Kampfer - Webbing Details

Today's progress on the webbing details. I'm also experimenting around with Fimo Decorating Gel (dyed with Payne's Grey oil paint) to make castings of the axillary straps as well as insignias. More of that to come soon....
Anyway, it has dawned upon me that Polymer Clays might herald a new age of sculpting military miniatures as was when acrylics were introduced to figure painters. Now, coming from my experience as an extensive user of epoxy putty, I admit that I'm gradually drifting toward this new medium. (Did I also mention that Raul LaTorre is also using Fimo for his recent sculpts as well? Not that I'm a copy cat that is ;P) The significant plus side of polymer clay is definately their working time. One could continually manipulate around with the forms to their satisfaction before sending it to the oven (heat gun in my case) to be baked hard. Another particular attribute to this medium is that it registers impressions much clearer instead of epoxy putty which have a tendency of producing beveled edges when impressed upon.
Feathering is also a problem with epoxy putty (or at least for the brand that I'm using) especially when it get a little firm; which is especially frustrating when one desires to re-work an area.
Based on my experience, once the epoxy putty is kneaded, it will undergo a gradual process of curing. Whilst freshly kneaded, it feathers well but too soft for modelling. About and hour old, it gets slightly firmer, which is great for modelling as it registers impressions better. Two hours old, it gets leathery hard (almost like firmness of an rubber eraser) and it's great for slicing to attain really sharp details. (you'll need afresh blade for this if you'll run a risk of tearing the clay)
From my review, Polymer clays do not however have such temperaments for modelling but perhaps will pose some difficulty to one who is more accustomed to carving instead of modeling. And perhaps the best part I love about this clay is that there's minimal waste and chances are you'll likely to use up every single bit of it from the box!
One more thing which I think will appeal to all the impatient modellers out there; the clay takes less than a minute to harden under a heat gun too!



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Anonymous said...

I'm interested in your switch to polymer clays they certainly look good when you use them Calvin; I'm really impressed with the details of the clothing on the figure so much so that I've ordered some Kato clay.