Thursday, 12 April 2007

AMT 2007 Diary - Day 1

Hola Todos!

After a 15 hours of flying plus a two hour transit at Schiphol airport with a nerve wrecking episode of seeing my box of exhibits passing through a long security X-ray machine, I´ve finally arrived to Madrid. On hand at Barajas was Samuel Perez who kindly took time off to give me a ride to my hotel . After checking-in, we made a trip down to Samuel´s office where I waited for him to finish work at his office and it was off to the EuroModellisimo Studios to meet Rodrigo Chacon for lunch at 3pm. Yes! you heard me right lunch at 3pm! Spain is on a totally new planet where lunch starts at 2 and ends at 3pm. No wonder their dinners start at 9pm.
Anyhow, after that Rodrigo and I headed down to the Museo del Prado to check out the Tintoretto exhibition. Really invigorating visual and insightful experience which will no doubt inspire my modelling.

I´m now waiting for head off for dinner with Samuel and Rodrigo. Not sure where they will be heading be something tells me it´s gonna be good ol´fashion Spanish Tapas :)

Hasta Luego!


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Kit said...

bring back pictures!