Friday, 13 April 2007

AMT 2007 diary - Day 2

Hola Todos,

slow day today with no touristy activities but rather unsually, some bench time in Samuel´s small studio. Managed to paint a figure in 10 hours over four session spread over yesterday and today. Will post some pics as soon as I can retrieve them from my camera.
As usual I had to wait for Samuel to knock off from his mornig shift before making a visit to the Andrea Miniatures factory located along the outskirts of Madrid for an interview with Figures International Magazine. Weather was rather wet and when we arrived, we were immediately greeted by Julio Cabos, principal painter for Andrea Miniatures whose familar works grace many of Andrea´s box art. We had lunch at a nearby resturant which was quite nice. I enjoyed the grilled hake with mushrooms.
After completing the interview and some shopping for some friends back home, we returned back to Samuel´s ofice where he has to continue with his work and I continued the final session of painting of the figure. We settled dinner at a nearby resturant with some Ali-oli and a Four Seasons pizza before returing to the studio where Samuel had to continue painting the box art of the a new Alpine Miniatures release. I on the other hand caught up with some email correspondence to my wife and some friends.

We will go tommorrow to visit to a friend´s hobby shop and possibily to the art galleries with Rodrigo.

Hasta Manana,



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