Monday, 16 April 2007

AMT Diary Day 6

Hola Todas,

as you can probably guess, two days of absence from the net will give you an good idea that I was throughly having a great time at the show. Today, I´m now writing this from Jaume´s PC. I´ve just finished reviewing the pictures of the Torrent show with Jaume and will be heading out soon to buy some Escoda brushes. Fue concouso estupendo! My salute to the organizing committee of the AMT 2007 for making it an all rounded success.
I had the pleasure to do the judging for the Masters' Painting class with Luis Esteban Laguardia. It was a tough job as there were so many good works to assess.
And following after, a very delicious lunch on Saturday of Bravas, Russo Ensalada and my first time Arroz Negro! (Rice made from squid ink or literally black rice)

Unfortunately for this year, the paella dinner was canceled due to bad weather and I had to arrange my own dinner. Truly in recent years, the Torrent show has been truly an international show boasting the attendance of many non-Spanish military modellers like Adam Wilder, Per Olaf, Mario Eens, Christophe Camilotte, Maurizio Bruno and Danilo Catachi just to name a few.

Heading out to buy some Escoda brushes now.

More pictures and text to follow......


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