Saturday, 21 April 2007

Home Again!

Hi All,

after a long day at work, I finally managed to get my photos downloaded from my camera. In the midst of sorting them on my desktop, the memory of the fun and excitement during my stay in Madrid, Torrent and Barcelona were naturally rekindled and here as promised, are excerpts of my experience.

On Saturday morning 14 April, I together with Jose Polamares hitched a ride in Samuel's car to make our way to Torrent. Midway along a highway petrol stop, we linked up with armour modeller Filipe Moreno and his family to continue the second leg of the journey.

Entering Torrent

Upon arrival, Samuel and Jose had to get their entries registered while I placed my exhibits and the judges' display stand. Up for judging this year for the figure classes were Maurizio Bruno, Danilo Catacci, Luis Esteban LaGuardia, Jose Luis Muñoz Bataller, myself and a few other Spanish modellers whose names escape me for this moment.

As mentioned before, it was a fantastic experience to have judged the Masters' Painters' class with Luis. And after our official duties, it was time for lunch and for the first time I had Negro Arroz. (Rice cooked in squid ink) One word describes it: INCREDIBLE!!!!

After lunch, it was time to get around, meeting familiar faces, viewing the exhibits and attending a sculpting demonstration by Maurizio Bruno.

Maurizio Bruno, Danilo Catacci and me!

Dani Serrano, Me and Luis Esteban Laguardia.

Me and Per Olav's group

Jose Flores, Stefano, Alessandro, Me

Me and Alberto Bernal

As mentioned before, Jordi graced his presence to the AMT Show this year dressed as a MG-34 Gefreiter and together with his friends from his reenactment group in a newly restored Opel Blitz made the whole event event more spectacular.

Me and Jordi

Dinner with Mario Eens, Adam Wilder, Ian and Walter.

Croquettes with some fruity jam compliment in the plate center; washed down with a glass of Sangria. Simply divine...!

Breakfast at the Hotel Lido was fantastic, probably one of the best I've ever experienced! They have a juicer that provides a free flow of fresh orange juice (something that's very expensive in Singapore), a wide selection of toast, cold cuts... absolutely divine! No grease soaked bread here... ;-)

And now some pictures of my favorite works on display:



by Ruben Gonzales

Adam Wilder

by M.Bruno and D Catacci

by Julio Cabos


Anonymous said...


The author of the Camell and DAK figures was Arturo Flores from Mexico...


Oki said...

wow very nice figures