Saturday, 14 April 2007

AMT 2007 Diary - Day 3

Hola Todos,

I finally had the typical tourists´breakfast of Chocolate y Porras ( similar to Churrillos but smaller but more oilly) .The weather started out really fine in the morning but turned into a down pour when we had lunch with Jordi Escares from Maquetas 113. There is was introduced to another typical Spanish delicacy call "Supertoastas" or rather a huge toast with condiments such as meat, vegetables and fish. Again, a very pleasant gastronomical experience apart from the usual tapas. Jordi informs me that he will be part of an ww2 Heers reenactment group that will host some activities and demonstrations on the grounds of the AMT show. Sounds really exciting hearing the way he described the program.

After lunch, Samuel headed back to his office. I wandered around the city centre of Madrid before meeting Rodrigo again to view a protrait exhibiton at the Thessyen gallery. Again another insightful experience with Rodrigo and I exchanging our observations and opinions about the works of contemporary masters.

As Rodrigo had a prior engagement, we had to end the evening early and bidding farewell, I made my way back to Samuel´s office where I´m helping him take the photos for the box art of Alpine Miniatures next release. It was a new record for him to complete the two figures with four heads in under one week. Below is Samuel putting on the final touches to the groundwork of a joint entry with Felipe Morreno at 3am in the morning! Notice one of the figures lying on the table.

I also managed to download some pictures from my camera. As promised, here´s a glimse of the figure painted in Samuel´s modelling studio in two days over approximately 10 hours in three sessions with paints sponsored by Samuel.

Below is a picture taken on the first day of arrival into Madrid with my figure displays for Torrent on Samuel´s table. Notice the Russian soldier in black primer in the centre of the picture.

And finally, a picture of Julio Cabos and me at the Andrea Miniatures studio.

Tommorrow will gonna be a long day!!


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