Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Alpine Miniatures - LSSAH, Kampfgruppe Meyer, Kharkov 1943

More updates from yesterday's session:

Rendering of the trousers

Map case

MP-40 with sling made from paper stiffen with varnish.

Metals parts are undercoated with flat black and burnished with a 2B lead for a metallic look.

Groundwork built up from scrap components of my personal spares and rendered with Vallejo paints.

Application of "Microballons" for the snow effect.



Sergiusz Pęczek said...


Awesome work-as always!
Please tell me what this "Microballons" are? How did this snow is made?

Best regards!
Sergiusz "Sergionex" Peczek

Dani Serrano said...

I can't keep visiting the blog to see more updates!! U're doing such a great job, inspiring me and making me a WWII stuff fanatic!!