Friday, 14 March 2008

Alpine Miniatures - LSSAH, Kampfgruppe Meyer, Kharkov 1943

Here's finally a much anticipated preview of the contents from the parcel from Jersey. I must "POINT" out that these two figures are nothing short of disap"POINTING" and I do encourage all the make an ap"POINT"ment to get them as soon as they hit the shops.

Punts aside, I must say that the casting was predictably good with very minimal flash. The likeness of Kurt Meyer, which though gave Taesung some headaches, was spot on. One could imagine more Kurt Meyer figures in the Italian Camo tunic circa Ardenne Abbey, Normandy 1944 , M36 tunic circa Klissura Pass, Greece 1941 or the more stylist Kradmantel at Mariupol 1941 get my "POINT"? :P

The components came together very nicely with virtually no gaps to fill. The groundwork was built up using some epoxy putty and littered with artifacts found from my box of modelling scraps. Before setting, the figures were impressed into the base for a natural fit.

The figure and the groundwork was primed with Gunze Sanyo Flat Black using an airbrush.

As a time saving measure, I used an airbrush to undercoat the base colours of the uniforms in Vallejo acrylics.

Rendering of the faces.

Soldier in the Kharkov anorak

Preliminary highlighting

Changed the colour of the trousers.

Kurt Meyer

More updates soon....



Dani Serrano said...

I must "POINT" that those beauties are a really MUST HAVE!!! And I envy you!

Great step-by-step amigo!

Matt Wellhouser said...

This is awesome work Calvin. You make it look very realistic and simple!! Matt

Anonymous said...

These look good!
I see Taesung likes to use the same poses as previous figures and re-sculpt the uniforms, but at any point they still look great. I just tried Model color paint last night and they are much easier than I thought, so I may be a convert from oils......I really like the ease of use of them and drying time!
Glenn Bartolotti