Friday, 28 March 2008

“Das letzte Aufgebot!” by Robert Doepp

For many of us, the name Robert Doepp is one that comes as no stranger if you're a frequent visitor to Missing-Lynx or a regular subscriber to TMMi and Steel Art magazines. Robert has dazzled the military modelling world with this dioramas, tanks and figures rendered in his signature style and thus it's with great privilege that I'm able to share some pictures of his latest masterpiece here on my blog.
Demonstrating a very simple methodology of just getting inspired by the figure, Robert has decided to personalize this figure with several additions and changes to the original stock figure;enhancing its visual appeal in the process. The influence from his armor modelling background permeates through in his attention to meticulous details such as the intricate wires and connections on headphones, the scratch-built section top of the Jadgpanther base and the woven insignias on the uniform and the overall rendering of the figure with subdued hues. The rain pattern camouflage is very well represented and I think that a round of applause is due for I too had nightmares painting the "rain drops" on this pattern. I have a strong suspicion that there will be an article sometime in the future elaborating the colour and techniques used for this figure.
But till then, here's a two thumbs up from me mate! And keep 'em comin!



johnny grogan said...

wow calvin this work is awesome.i have been just a spctator here for a while but i am going to start leaving comments more often.i look at your site like 3 times a day just love it.your work is reall awesome.thanks for sharing.would love to see a break down of what figures were used for this the way were can i get the material you use for groundwork thanks johnny

LBM said...

what can i say simply an amazing work on this very good figure
congratulations Robert and thanks for sharing it with us Calvin