Thursday, 6 March 2008

Leutnant, 389. Infanterie-Division, Stalingrad, 1942

Started on this long delayed commission for a Spanish collector whist waiting for another parcel from Jersey, USA to arrive later this week. Sculpting is done with Kato Polyclay on a epoxy putty armature with the ubiquitous Hornet head and hands. The ammo pouches and map cases are personal spares.



Anonymous said...

Outstanding work!

Anonymous said...

hi calvin.Once again outstanding work on the lates sculpts!. i have just purchased some of the kato polymer clay to try.How easy is it too work with? and what would be best medium to smooth the clay?. kind regards always. richard.

Dani Serrano said...

A Spanish collector? Wouldn't you mean a Spanish friend like Dani? :P

Regards, amigo mío

CALVIN TAN said...

Thanks guys for all the kind words.
forgive me if I've not been very prompt with my replies. It has been a rather busy week as I'm also in the process of building up a proper website for professional reasons. A lot of work I must say and the blog is so much easier to maintain. (you only have one page to set up)

polymer clays are in general synthetic oil based and i usually use turpentine to smoothen it. Modelling is done with the regular tools (brushes and needles) with water as a mediator to prevent the clay from sticking .

Hola Dani,
and not to mention also Samuel, Jaume, Luis, Raul, Jose, Alphonso, Jordi, etc...... :D