Friday, 21 March 2008

Alpine Miniatures - LSSAH, Kampfgruppe Meyer, Kharkov 1943

And now the final touches for the Kurt Meyer figure.

Base colour of the fleece coat was lightened with Deck Tan applied from the airbrush. Overshoots could subsequently be corrected by brush later during the application of secondary highlights and shadows.

Shading done with heavily diluted Camo Brown applied with an airbursh. This process also helps to clear up the "chalky" effects from the application of the Deck Tan.

Application of highlights

Outlining and additional details

Rendering of the white fleece lining

Rendering of the other details

Crusher cap



Dani Serrano said...

Awesome dude!

Vince Chmielewski said...

I am just curious how you thin vallejo paint for airbrushing.

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Vincent,

I take two steps to prepare the Vallejo paint for spraying; I would first thin the paint with water and subseqently add some Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) to the mixture. The reason being if I first added the IPA, it would be seperated from the paint like water and oil. However, if I diluted the paint first with water, the IPA will mix nicely with the paint. The fundumental reason for adding the IPA is so that the paint will atomise better when it's sprayed from the airbrush. Hopefully that answers your question.


P.S. This tip was picked up from an article in Military Modelling by Rob Hendon many years back.

Vince Chmielewski said...

Thanks Calvin... I'll give it a shot.