Thursday, 18 September 2008

Hauptsturmführer, SS-Totenkopf Div.

I've finally got through the lethargic slump of adding on the finishing touches to this short painting exercise. One exception here is that the satin effect of the leather coat was rendered in oils as it was much more convenient than acrylics; especially with larger scales such as this.

Overall, it's quite a simple and friendly kit to build and paint. The characterization of the sculpt is very well handled by Young B Song; making it truly a pleasure to paint. As mentioned , I kept it to a short painting exercise so as to alleviate whatever stress I'm experiencing with the other project I'm currently undertaking. Anyway more pictures of that soon.



Richard Knorrek said...

Hi Calvin!

You really did a great job on the bust! Young Miniatures makes very nice busts, although the nostrils are a bit too small for my taste.

I'd really like to read your article on the Taganrog figure, but I have no way of puchasing the Military Modelling Magazine. Could you maybe help me out?

Greetings, Richard

Andreas said...

Hey Calvin,
I really enjoy your work.He looks very realistic.I'm from Germany like Richard and have no way to purchase Military Modelling too.BTW I opened a blog

greetz Andreas

dieguito said...

A small work of art..., if Sir., it enchants to me.,


CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Andreas and Richard,

thanks for both your kind words. I wish I could help you guys here but unfortunately Military Modelling is avaliable on a "seasonal" basis in some of the major bookshops here. Mine was a complimentary copy from the publishers.
I think the best way to get it would be to ask any of your contacts in the UK to get them for you at the news kiosk. Or alternatively, try posting a request at the forums to see if anyone could be in a position to assist.



CALVIN TAN said...

Hola Diego,

gracias por sus cumplidos. Mi gusta muchos sus ultima figuras para Alpine.