Saturday, 13 September 2008

Young Miniatures - Hauptsturmführer, SS Totenkopf Div.

A small package from Young B Song arrived at my home earlier this week and upon careful unpacking revealed some pleasant surprises. Though I was supposed to be finishing the sculpt of another commission, the irresistible urge to start painting one of the package's contents made me swap my sculpting tools for paint brushes instead. The clean-up was pretty straight forward; with no cumbersome molding plugs to remove. This process was further quicken by applying heat to soften the resin via a heat-gun and carefully slicing it away with a fresh scalpel blade. This resulted in minimal sanding, no grinding plus one could even slice though an inch of solid resin like a hot knife through butter!

With the clean-up done, painting began with my standard preference of Vallejo Acrylics over a black primer undercoat. I particularly enjoyed painting the face; the chiseled features tempted me to push my contrasts a little more. In addition, the larger canvas also allowed me to incorporate more tonal variations to the flesh tones such as hints of green, blues and purple; previously limited on a 1/35 figure.

Here's the work done so far after three days of intermittent painting. I'm trying hard to discipline myself to get pass the "feel-good" phase to complete the leather jacket and left hand.



Anonymous said...

Wow, very beautiful painting.
Very realistic.
I love it! :)

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Bódi,

I'm glad you like it. Someday I hope to paint one of your beautiful sculpts too :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin :)

Nip and tuck. ;)


CALVIN TAN said...

Yes Krisztián,

a little "botoxy putty" here and there goes a long way :P


dieguito said...

Hello Calvin.., so far a great work..., never you let surprise to me...,


Anonymous said...

The face of the model are the actor Robert Shaw !