Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Military Modelling Magazine, Vol38. No.11


After months of deliberation (no doubt on my part), the full detailed write-up on the LSSAH, Taganrog 1941 project is finally available as a two-part article in the current and up-coming issue of Military Modelling.



james pople said...

Firstly WOW on Young's bust!! i loved the sculpt when i saw it and hoped i might see it blessed with your paintbrush! And i've just been out and bought Military Modelling and i must say it's a superb article!! really got me inspired to sculpt! can't wait for the next issue.
Thanks for putting all that effort in so us mere mortals can hope to reach your standards one day!:P

Anonymous said...

you have really kept yourself busy.
Excellent busts! And I must congratulate you on the MilMod article; very informative and inspirational. Combine it with the pleasure of witnessing your ex-tempore sculpting workshop in Girona , priceless ;)
Pekka Nieminen

Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin,

Many thanks for the superb article(s)!
As always your work is a big source of inspiration to me, and this one is too. I had the article in Italian in one of the latest isuue's of Soldatini, but as I don't understand Italian, I could only look at the pictures. Now I also understand what you have written with it. Thanks a million.


Gino Poppe