Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Alpine Miniatures - 3rd SBCT, 2nd Infantry Division

It has been more than a week since I've returned and it's back to work again on the workbench. First up on the pipeline of works are a pair of Stryker armored vehicle crews from Alpine Miniatures; sculpted by the boss man himself Taesung Harmms. As usual, the quality of the figures are predictably awesome which makes me wonder if Taesung himself is capable of any bad sculpts :P
That aside, judging by the amount of details on the figure, I can say that a lot of work was diligently invested in creating these two magnificent works of miniature art. It is definitely a very challenging piece to paint especially with the ACU camouflage scheme. I'm seeing pixels writing this whilst taking a short breather from the work bench! Here's the work done so far on the first figure after just three days of painting plus time's running out. Stay tune for the next update when my eyes start to looks like Guru Tugginmypudha and I need to blow of some steam from the painting.



Anonymous said...

wow...so great!!!!!
I can't believe my eyes!!!
Super job~~!!!! :-)

CALVIN TAN said...

Thanks Jin Kim,
Man! That was a really fast reply too! (no punt intended) :p


Anonymous said...

Calvin, This looks AWESOME!!! Your digital camo is just perfect!

I can't wait to see more progress on these figures.

michael kelly

Anonymous said...

WOW! Worth getting crossed eyed..haha


Anonymous said...

Amazing work as always!

Allan Moo

gforceman said...

Hi Calvin,

Wow, that camo is simply stunning! You prove once again that you are the true master in camo painting.

Is this figure part of a two figure set or a single release?

Take care,


P.S. Thanks for inspiring me for all those years.

Oliver Giersch said...

Am I the only one who can not click pictures to watch them in bigger size?

MarC! said...

WOWEEEE~ Finally~ some more new modern figs from Taesung~! Awesome! ACU is a pain in th ass isnt it? ;p

Dani Serrano said...

AAAAMAZING amigo!!!!!!!

Richard Knorrek said...

Goly Gee Whiz, that's the most awesome camo paintjob there has ever been, is and ever will be!

Richard Knorrek said...
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RD Claeps said...


Amazing job on the camo. Sounds like your real busy, but any chance you could post a short note on how you painted the pattern when you have some spare time?


Roger Claeps

Rudi Richardson said...

Hey Calvin,

Wow! Great stuff!

I can only echo what the poster above said: please, please, please tell us how you're doing that digi-camo :-)