Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Third Day

Here are some excerpts from yesterday's night Medieval Dinner hosted right in a large courtyard somewhere near the cathedral. Situated on a high ground overlooking the city, it took us quite getting there as we navigated through the narrow alleys Girona's medieval town section. We were fortunate to have got there just in time and shared the table together with Douglas Lee and a friend of his and together with Marijn and his lovely wife, Pinar. I can't say that all of the food served there was agreeable to our taste and thank heavens we had Bernard brought a stash of the Bak Kwa to make it more palatable. Well done Bernard!
After dinner, came a dueling performance of medieval knights at a tournament. It was like going to a WWE match with lots of sword-swinging action. I think our Cosplay guys in Singapore could learn a thing or two from watching this.

Together with Marijn and Pinar.

Going around in circles last night made us realized that Girona would be a beautiful place to see in the day and thus this morning, we all made a little effort to get up a little earlier to take another walk through the medieval section. The weather was cool, the air was fresh, the streets were tranquil making it a very pleasant morning stroll for us all.

More friends from the show:

Dani Serrano

Samuel Perez

Dider Monge

Laurent Borget busy snapping pictures at the Masters Open Display.

Here are some close-ups pictures of Adam Wilder's awesomely rendered Panther F. This is certainly one of the best piece of scale armor work I've seen in recent years.

Crister Grönberg and Magnus Fagerberg (Sweden)

Kostas Kariotellis's surreal self-portrait

Best of Show for Historical Figures by Mariano Numitone and Danillo Cartacci

The accompanying part to the diorama:

More pictures of the exhibits:

The last night in Girona before we head to Barcelona tomorrow morning. I think Kevin and Jaume had one too many drinks at the back :P


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Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin,

Seems like you had an awesome time! I must really make it to the next World Expo!

Congrats. I just read that Allan, Bernard, Paul and yourself walved away with some awards. Awesome. Hope to see them in the flesh soon.