Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Final Day....

We met Marijn and Pinar for chocolate and churros that morning near the La Rambles area. Unfortunately the shop that Jaume recommended was closed for a month due to renovations and thus we settled for another cafe just a few doors before. It was obviously still good nonetheless..

The thick cup of molten chocolate and the crispy, cinnamon powdered churros.

It was an unexpected surprise for us to chance upon the legendary Shepard Paine at a cafe near the Sagrada Familia. Despite the short time we had together, we all had a very inspiring talk with Shepard Paine over some tapas and drinks.

If you ask me, this was probably the most wonderful experience I've ever gained from any trip. And now it's time to save up for the next World Expo in 2011. (there goes my lunch money again)


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