Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Arrival in Madrid.

After a 10 hour flight to Amsterdam plus a 2 hour transit flight to Barajas International Airport in Madrid, the Singapore and Malaysian contingent has finally arrived (and thankfully without a hitch whatsoever from the customs). A good friend of mine, Samuel Pérez was very kind enough to pick us up from the airport in his new car to our hotel at Plaza Santa Ana. After checking into the hotel, we had a light meal of tapas and for me a favorite glass of Tinto Verano. Unfortunately Samuel had to head back to work in his office, but we did make arrangements to meet up again later in the afternoon.
Now, as totally modelling orientated trip this was planned to be (Yes, only guys, no wives, no girlfriends and no children), our first destination was to head out to the Euro Modelisimo studio. We were met Señor Rodrigo Cabos, Luis Gómez Platón, Carlos Vaquerizo and Fernando Sánchez. I was hoping to meet up with Jesús Huélamo but he had unfortunately hurt his back and was at home resting. Here's wishing for you to get well my friend!

A group photo of the guys with Señor Rodrigo Cabos,Editor in Chief of Euro Modelisimo Studio.

At about 4pm. Samuel was able to meet us at the Euro Modelisimo Studio to bring us to the Andrea Miniatures Factory in Alpedrete, almost 30 minutes by car from the city center of Madrid. We were extremely fortunate to have a tour organized for us which walked us through the process of sculpting the masters, casting and finally the packing of the finished product before it reaches to the hobby shops. We had a preview of some of Joaquin Palacios's latest works for Andrea which I cannot divulge much at this moment. But one word sums its all; Breathtaking!!!!

Me and the famous U-Boat Diorama at the Andrea Miniatures Factory.

Not a flattering shot of Bernard drooling over the U-Boat Diorama

We headed back to our hotel right after our visit to the Andrea Miniatures Factory and met up for dinner with Rodrigo Chacón for a Paella dinner with the guys.

Rodrigo and me with the huge pan of Arroz Negro we ordered.

Tomorrow, we will plan to head out to the Prado Museum and catch a flight to Girona.

Hasta Mañana,



Pere Pla said...

It was a pity not to say Goodbye to you, and all the friends form Singapur. I am the friend of Ruben. Remember that you miss a night party in Girona, jajaja. I am sure that you have enjoied your visit.
See you soon in Torrent...
Pere Pla AMT

CALVIN TAN said...

Hola Pere,

I remember you from the pizza dinner we had with Jose, Javier and Ruben in Girona. We were lucky that we did not follow you to the party because we will be zombies the next day at the show, jajajaja...

Saludos y hasta proxima,


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