Thursday, 3 July 2008

Taking It Easy Before Heading to Girona...

Deciding to take things a little easier, we took a short walk to the Prado Museum after breakfast this morning. At about noon, we checked out from our hotel and spent our remaining time in Madrid having some tapas and drinks out in the open square of Plaza Santa Ana.

Me and guys chilling out at Plaza Santa Ana before the flight to Girona.

Calamares Fritos.


We took the evening flight from Barajas to Girona, and whilst in queue to board the plane, we saw quite a number of people carrying wooden boxes, which could only mean one thing.....we were definitely on the right flight or there's a pet convention somewhere else we don't know about! We shared the flight with an accomplished Spanish figure modeler, Pedro Fco. Ramirez Mateo, a familiar face which I knew on the website Galeria de Autor.

We headed to our hotel as soon as we arrived. After freshening up, we took a walk around the town of Girona and by chance we met up with Jose Luis Muñoz Bataller . We next arranged to meet at a nearby hotel and headed out for pizza with Ruben Gonzales and his company of Spanish armor modellers. After paying the bill for the dinner, we made a quick dash for the door before we were hauled by Ruben and his gang to a party which would probably last till 5 o'clock in the morning!

Tomorrow will be a long day ahead with the registration of the entries, new people to meet, old friends to catch-up and lots of masterpieces to admire.


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